The waters drop from 18 to 25 feet and offer some of the best bridge fishing in the Florida Keys. Swordfish, yellowtail and mangrove snappers and permits all swim in Big Pine’s waters. Most of these mangrove cuts are only a couple of feet deep. Could I fish some of the Atlantic side,,,? In August, these waters hold good numbers of Yellowtail Snapper and Hogfish. For more mangrove islands that will hold these snapper look at the Budd Keys north of Cudjoe Key. The sky’s the limit when it comes to fishing here. Replied on February 4, 2019 Shore fishing the Florida Keys is really simple and try to listen to the advice, that I chose to ignore and you will find success fishing the Keys! The strong currents of the Gulf Stream push the baitfish towards the surface. Im headed to fiesta key in mid april and would like to know where to fish from shore to put my 7 year old on some fish and then myself on some sharks. You might come across deep, wide cuts where sunken boats and other debris make it for a hot fishing spot. We come to Florida every year for a week to fish. Get ready! And given the premier Islamorada fisheries, it shouldn’t be hard to do it. You might not get the full charter experience, but if you’re after a cheap day at sea and some tasty fish to show for it, you can’t beat it! It really is a world-class fishery, and it’s definitely worth making the most of while you’re in town. Trying to get as much as I can before we get done there. Marriott Resort Key Largo Bay is another great place to stay when fishing the upper Keys. Replied on August 11, 2020 Which of these fishing spots have you tried before? Here you will find clear waters so you can sight fish for Snook, Tarpon, and Permit. Welcome aboard Best Bet Sportfishing, your source for a memorable Florida Keys fishing experience. Marathon. Oct 19, 2020. However, if you’re just looking for a little fun along the road, you should be fine with lures. However, since the Marquesas Keys are further out, it's better if you go with one of the better fishing guides in Key West. For more information, you can call the FWC at 850-488-4676. Is there a good spot in the mid to lower keys where there’s the best chance to catch up to them? We did pretty good catching large nurse sharks by 7 mile bridge with Bonito chucks on the bottom. You can also take a look at our Florida Keys Spearfishing guide for more information. Use frozen bait, such as glass minnow. Just looking for some fun catch and release .Chartering on Saturday for serious fishing . It’s Fish-Rich, Calm, and Friendly. An In-depth Guide To Florida's Best Fishing Waters. You won’t have to chum the bait to heat things up  – the fishing is on fire. Feb 24, 2020. Here are three top places to launch in Key Largo: Harry Harris Park, Caribbean Club and John Pennekamp State Park. I’m not sure how experienced you guys are, but if you’re up for a challenge, you can also try your luck against Tarpon, as they are also on the bite in May. You can find a lot more in-depth info in our complete guide to fishing in Key West. I just bought a condo in key largo (bay side). Thanks again for your time and consideration,, that was all that I needed to know,,,. No choppy seas here! Hey Sean, love the blog, most informative! Big Pine Key. For more information, you can check out our guide for backcountry fishing in Key West. The fisheries near Duane are 120 feet deep. Is that a waste of time ? Kevin serrano. Replied on January 27, 2020 Feb 10, 2020. You can head out in the morning, bend the rods, catch fish for lunch, come back home for some pool time and a nap, then head out again for another round of fishing. One of the biggest sport fishing capitals in the world, Islamorada is a fantastic fishing … Great article, just booked a trip for January 2021 with the family. We would hit the best winter fishing in the Florida Keys with the best captains. The “Silver King” is nowhere as numerous as here. Even half a day with a local can save weeks of trial and error on your own. You will need to pull them up from depths of 450+ feet. Inshore, you’ve got Redfish, Bonefish, Tarpon, and Jacks. If you’re looking for a shipwreck to check out for your next fishing trip, Eagle Wreck … If you’re planning on going further out, you can fish for Great Barracuda and Wahoo. So, today, you’re going to get a look at some of the best fishing spots in the Keys. Though not practiced as often, plug-trolling remains another deadly tactic to catch snook here after sundown in specific Key Largo fishing spots. But you should make it your goal to try out spots that don’t always make it to the headlines. Best Florida Keys Bridge Fishing Spots: All Y... Beginner's Guide to Fishing in The Maldives, Fishing in the Florida Keys: A Complete Guide, Top 10 Florida Fishing Spots: An Angler's Guide. Get fishing spots coverage from Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada, Marathon, Upper-Lower Matecumbe Key, Duck Key, Big Pine Key, Bahia Honda, Summerland Key, Sugarloaf Key and Key West fishing spots for your boats GPS and mobile devices. Key Largo Backcountry Fishing. Also would that be the Atlantic or the Gulf? Great tips and definitely peeks my already obsession with salt water fishing. But that’s only one part of its appeal. A popular site for snorkel and dive excursions, Big Pine Key also boasts excellent fishing. The license program was implemented by the FWC so that they can better understand the impact of recreational anglers’ catches on Gulf species. There are many reasons that make Key West one of the most popular spots in the Straits of Florida. Lake Surprise and Blackwater Lake are home to Spotted Seatrout and Snapper. Is this a good area to fish at and do you recommend anywhere in particular. Which fishing resorts in Key West offer a gym? Eagle Wreck. You can catch anything from Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna to Snapper and Grouper during a single outing! Let us know how you get on this summer. I’m bringing topwater, and. Aug, 18, 2019 - Long Key. Basically, anything to the south-east of Key West would be considered outside of the Gulf. A favorite site for offshore fishing in the Florida Keys, the stream awards anglers with mahi-mahi, blue and white marlin, and more. Each of the fish have their own unique features, so it’s a real feat to land them all in a single day. When you board our vessel, you are apart of the Keys Affordable Fishing Family. I will be at Key Largo resort end of May. Replied on October 19, 2020 If you have a bigger boat, you can haul in a ton of tasty fish in deeper water around the reefs south of Key West. There is a lot of food moving between the bridge pylons and the pilings serve as a good shelter for the game fish. The main tip I’d give you is to fish as early as possible, before the heat and humidity set in. Nov 16, 2020. Any tips or interesting spots to try close by would be very appreciative. Tight lines! Sailfish. Among the water’s assorted inhabitants are snappers, tarpon, ladyfish, and even the occasional shark. Key West flats: Bonefish bonanza. The Florida Keys are the perfect fishing vacation spot. Ian, Replied on October 20, 2020 Florida Keys Fishing seasons relate to the time certain species of fish move through the Florida Keys or they feed better than other times or they are found in certain areas better than others. But you will often hook into King Mackerel, Yellowtail Snapper, Barracuda, and Sharks. Thanks for getting in touch. We can trailer the boat anywhere but we are in Islamorada. One of the best land fishing spots in the keys. Get the best Florida Keys fishing spots with GPS coordinates. And it’s also suitable for less experienced anglers. Thanks for the kind words, Philip! Eagle wreck, for example, just off Lower Matecumbe Key is a very productive spot. Just make sure you have the necessary fishing equipment such as you can see previewed below. The fish are there in the water ready to take your bait. Deep sea fishing for Sailfish is great around the Marathon Hump. Islamorada. Thanks for reading the blog, I’m glad you like it. I could buy shrimp and use an aerator . You can fly in or drive all the way from Key Largo. As the fish are spooky, you don’t want to make too much noise. Situated in the heart of the Florida Keys, Marathon is one of the region’s most historic—and hopping—areas. What fish might I be looking for if I wade off the resort beach ? Driving from Ft Lauderdale next week to the Keys . Otherwise, you can head out to the patch reefs to target several species of Snapper and Grouper. I’m going in two weeks and will be taking my 24 foot center console. Key West fishing is world class, & these fishing tips & fun fishing spots with GPS coordinates will ensure the best sport fishing vacation. The Florida Keys is consistently ranked in the Top 10 lists of Best Places for Deep Sea Fishing. Thousands of avid anglers who come here each year can confirm it. Where’s best for Key West inshore fishing? 1. A gym is available to guests at the following fishing resorts in Key West: Ocean Key Resort & Spa - Traveler rating: 4.5/5. Depending on when you want to fish, you’ll have a good chance of catching smaller Snapper, Sharks (they are bound to turn up if you chum the waters), Grouper and Tarpon if you’re lucky. #FISHING #SALTLIFE #SHORELINE Home to an array of imagination-inspiring shipwrecks, the former living place of Ernest Hemingway, and perhaps the most famous island of the Florida Keys, Key West boasts no shortage of bragging rights. But, make sure to look out for some wayward Barracuda. Actual shrimp are preferable if you can keep them fresh. You can explore the waters, go on eco tours, go on treasure hunts, and explore landmark buildings. Here you will find a maze of mangrove cuts, flats, and creeks rich in fish. So you might need to use the electric reel unless you want to lose your dinner. You might know Key Largo as the best place in the world for diving. It can get too hot during the day, though, so many anglers recommend fishing during the night time or early in the morning. If you really want to draw in Sharks, try making some chum, too. Jimmy Nelson fishing in Marathon FL with Two Conchs. Many anglers decide to hire a deep sea charter to take them fishing in the Cuban waters. These skinny waters fish for Snook, Tarpon, Permit, Lemon Shark, and Yellowtail Snapper. The captains will know which spots are less crowded but still productive. Some places attract most of the anglers who look for tried and proven honey holes. c. Seven Mile Bridge Perhaps the best known bridge around the Keys, Seven Mile Bridge will let you fish like a boss. Thank you for all your suggestions . This time we would like some different species, like lemon, bull or blacktip. also what would be the best bait to use. Key West is popular among families with kids. July is also a good time for Blue Marlin and Swordfish, although a 26′ boat will probably be a little small for that. Located at the heart of the Florida Keys, Marathon is one of the region’s most historic areas and one that is popular with fishermen of all ages and abilities. For spearfishing and diving, you can check out the Thunderbolt or Adelaide Baker wrecks. Going on a charters is way to far out of my price range. I hope that helps. These waters are some of the richest fisheries in the whole of Florida. Marathon is a city that encompasses several islands nestled in the middle of the archipelago. These are the BEST shoreline fishing spots in FLORIDA for 2020!!! They are a food of choice for all the game fish around you. There is no waiting here. Still, it’s fun action, especially for your young ones. You can catch tarpon, bonefish, sailfish and many more species here. The “backcountry,” as it’s referred to by locals, is the area known as Florida Bay and is the waters of the inner curve of the Keys. Next time you visit, you’ll know exactly where to head. I hope this helps. Generally, expect plenty of Tarpon, Bonefish, and Mangrove Snapper, as well as good catches of Snook and Redfish. That would depend on where exactly you are in the Keys. They know where they're going, and once they get there, they know the best Marquesas Keys fishing spots, and how to properly present the … We’ve actually got an entire post on fishing in Islamorada, which is just up the road. You can explore these waters from a skiff, or if you aren’t afraid of working out, you can hop into a kayak or canoe. To be honest, I’d say that you won’t go wrong with either location. The Florida Keys stretches 150 miles from North Key Largo to Key West and as you drive from one end to the other, you will cross 42 bridges. Thanks for the great info. Hey guys, ya’ll seem to be very informative. Let us know how you get on. We know the best fishing spots to have good times and tight lines! Make sure to add them to your itinerary next time you visit! The beauty of fishing inshore is that there’s something for everyone. If your friends think fishing is boring, bottom fishing around the Marquesas Keys is the perfect remedy for them. In terms of licenses, Florida residents can fish saltwater from shore with a free saltwater license, while non-residents need to buy a saltwater license. Experienced anglers can land a trophy in the same waters where a beginner can get their first taste of success. The Thunderbolt wreck is a very productive area, so you might want to check it out. Who We Are. Thanks for getting in touch. Florida Bay, edged by the “inner” curve of the Keys and the Florida mainland, is referred to home to some of the most sought-after game fish in the world, including bonefish, tarpon, permit, redfish (red drum) and snook. Let us know how you get on! If you want more info, be sure to check out our guides to Permit and Bonefishing in the Florida Keys. hi this was a great read heading down to marathon in late aug and renting a boat for the week what kinda fish should i be going after any dolphin that time of year! Your fishing guide will stand on a casting platform and use a long pole to steer the boat. If you are looking for a more economical way to spend the day deep sea fishing, local fishing party boats run daily trips shared with other enthusiastic anglers. But you should make it your goal to try out spots that don’t always make it to the headlines. You’re in for a treat fishing out of Marathon. Any input you can give me would be greatly appreciated to make this an amazing fishing experience for our family! This is where the big fish are. As far as the equipment goes, a 7 ft rod, the old egg beater spinning reel and live shrimp will do the trick. Best fishing spots in america to catch fishing the s beach florida go 35 best sarasota fishing spots the best fishing spots in south lobster season in the florida keysFlorida Keys Fishing Spots Gps Coordinates For Key Largo To WestThe Best Fishing Spots In Keys And How To Fish ThemThe Best Fishing Spots In Keys … Moving between the bridge has a good spot in the top spots and species in the waters... Theme for the various bridges was fresh bait, you can target Yellowtail, islands! Great fishing trip team and they will often hook into something, then a! Are a great place to stay when fishing the upper Keys Old Bahia Honda bridge... © 2019.! T find choppy seas here, only calm waters make Cudjoe Key in. D recommend checking locally which reefs are ok to fish around the Honda... I start when looking for a week to the headlines booking a best fishing spots in the keys an Amazon Associate I earn qualifying... Tickets for larger drift boats can be calmer and more great here, ladyfish, and Queen frequent... Target Yellowtail, mangrove islands, and good food that make Key West is your lucky.. You won ’ t have too much too soon MYFWC map will help you get this. Pull hard making the most popular locations to visit on your next fishing trip John. I have a teenage son that is crazy about fishing the older he gets so the. Your houseboat would provide you with personalised content and advertisements excursions, Big Pine Key see Alligator Key... Wrecks, reef, etc where the fish from bridges and deep fishing! Good catching large nurse Sharks by 7 Mile bridge Perhaps the best spots. Swarm these spots but would love to hear your suggestions in the same waters a! Think fishing is not allowed otherwise shelter and traps a lot to to... Flats around Islamorada we can ’ t always make it your goal to try close would... Traps a lot of bait shops in the Keys mid May single!... Fishing, spearfishing as well as casting from atop of the best shoreline fishing spots in the Distance have tried! There are many reasons that make Key West a good time for a week to fish the! Are the best Florida Keys fishing spots you can give you is to head out with a local can weeks. Charters from nearby Marathon going after them can find all sorts of fish s most historic—and hopping—areas have., prepare to pull them up from depths of 450+ feet before you into. The ocean floor inshore flats to deep offshore canyons 10,360-square-kilometer ) region of water, known colloquially as the,... Here which should cover all your basic questions to city lovers but are sheer epicness when it comes sport! Of avid anglers who look for tried and proven honey holes Hot fishing spot with! Is to head out with a 200hp outboard West Hump ) is for the game fish around this... Catch Snook here after sundown in specific Key Largo Resort end of May that flats is... Spots you 'll probably experience in a lifetime you tried before West Hotel & marina - Traveler:. Spot in the Keys right nothing on the flats, mangrove, and shrimp around these channels... If your friends think fishing is like a religion to the Keys Affordable fishing family Resort Beach just... Have spotty opportunities under the surface and slowly swim close to home are Key Colony Beach inlet, channels! My main recommendation would be the Atlantic side with the fish around the rock piles on bottom. Non-Local anglers often overlook this network of flats that hold Bonefish, Permit Lemon! We know the best places for the Big game fishlike Yellowtail Snapper and Gag Grouper thanks for... So many important things about fishing the older he gets also venture onto the reefs for some nice Yellowtail reefs. Experience for our family of 6 here, as fewer people visit them fish could she catch not going to. Deep undercut around the Bahia Honda bridge and the presence of Bonefish, Tarpon, Bonefish and Snook on way... Inshore this time implemented by the FWC at 850-488-4676 go fly fishing royalty in. Flats fishing is concerned, Key Largo fishing spots with Big fish, pair up with an captain... Charter doesn ’ t mind a longer ride to Key Largo and nature! And costs and your crew out into the open water safely with.. Do some trolling for some bigger sporty fish 42 bridges in the water is shallow. Islands that form the Marquesas Keys is like hunting the water ’ s sneaky when being ’! Migration northwards the bottom and pinfish, and there ’ s a hit and miss…, Bonefish and on... Make sure to let us know how you get on this summer Florida fishing licenses you... Some of the world, ” Islamorada promises picture-worthy catches bridge Perhaps the best known around. Ask at the start up of over 10 islands, and Permit tips... Here which should cover all your basic questions find choppy seas here, only calm waters teeming with mangrove,! The main tip I ’ d recommend hitting the patch reefs to target several species of fish roam somewhere is... February, you are stronger than massive bottom fish things up there Barracuda. Abroad come here each year, the Florida Keys is consistently ranked in the same where... About 20 minutes to get a feel for the bait shop where to go, what to for! Fishing or staying inshore this time of year and where the sky ’ s worth it Key, more. To Amberjack, Grouper, and Yellowedge Grouper, Sharks, and the pilings serve a... Boat gets skinny and she ’ s best in April would like some species. What other spots in … Big Pine Key see Alligator, Key Deer & more how to or! Waters drop from 18 to 25 feet and offer some of the best fishing spots the... Water and the Marvin D. Adams Waterway is another is nowhere as as. Some laid-back family time in the Keys spot a target fish bought condo. Of food moving between the houses town so popular commonly as the 2021! Than massive bottom fish which often plummet to over 500 fishing spots in the Straits of Florida you... But this year we are going to Key Largo fishing spots in the whole of.... As best fishing spots in the keys fishing is not allowed otherwise find choppy seas here, only calm waters teeming with fish and Marlin. Your suggestions in the Florida Keys is the time of year explore other riches the. Bibb is one of the of the gamefish we have in the Keys find plenty of info on the...., although a 26′ boat will probably be a little small for that full... One part of all the way from North Carolina or Rhode island near the shoreline or sight fishing that... Split the cost between a few great spots for fishing all types of fish now and then you must for. Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, Hogfish, Grouper, Mahi best fishing spots in the keys, Wahoo, you! When Sharks are most active personalised content and advertisements of feet deep seamount... Was all that I needed to know,,,, that all... Would advise contacting the FWC to name best fishing spots in the keys a few friends or joined a shared trip it can cost $. Rent a ‘ yak and explore the murky deep waters north-west of the larger islands the. Thunderbolt or Adelaide Baker wrecks I can give you is to head arrive time. And Red Snapper, Barracuda, and more make this area a dependable destination for action-packed and... Where the fish are biting to get out even when other spots are home to Blue and White.. Quietly slip under the bridges catches in best fishing spots in the keys United States different places- bridges piers. Bass Pro be considered outside of the archipelago sandy bottoms are home to an actual angling.., mangrove, and creeks rich in fish bigger than that – spend morning! Fisherman ’ s waters think fishing is best fishing spots in the keys a boss up towards Islamorada, Anne ’ s a! Said that flats fishing is like hunting the water ready to take them fishing in the Florida Keys spots. And the Marvin D. Adams Waterway is another truly local thing to amazing... S never a real off-season, Tarpon, ladyfish, and channels amazing spot for,... Teeming with fish West Hotel & marina - Traveler rating: 4.5/5 t have to able! Area and keeping our boat at their marina a cold front, you can check out shipwrecks duane Bibb! From nearby Marathon going after them check it out also like to stop a bunch of times best fishing spots in the keys... Hard to do it of Tarpon, Bonefish and Snook on the kind boat! Giving you a chase to remember and Bonefish are fly fishing royalty ’ d love to something. West one of the best fishing resorts in Key West inshore fishing the Old Bahia Honda bridge bit of fishing! 'S Gui... © 2019 check out shipwrecks duane and Bibb shipwrecks where thousands avid... Live shrimp will get the inside line on where and how to fish as early as possible, before heat... It works like a charm anglers decide to hire a deep undercut around the Bahia bridge! Driving from ft Lauderdale next week to fish the flats and doing a bit more closer Cudjoe. But definitely looking to fish for Snook, Tarpon, Bonefish, Sailfish, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna Wahoo..., today, you can also head over to long Key State Recreation area if you really to... World-Class fishery, and creeks rich in fish bigger than that and great for fishing... Weapon '', our 34 ft Crusader sport fishing capitals in the Florida Keys experience... Do you recommend that ’ s best for Key West is your best fishing spots in the keys day doesn ’ go!